Content & IP Audit (CIPA) Offer for Pact Members

November 12, 2014

Content & IP Audit (CIPA) Offer for Pact Members

What is Content & IP Audit (CIPA)?

One of the biggest challenges for large content owners across the world is ensuring proper maintenance and monetization of old programme catalogues. Typical hurdles include localizing content and updating old catalogues to make them relevant to today’s consumption patterns. Most content creators earn their revenues through syndication and digital exploitation and CIPA can help with this process.

CIPA can support companies to conceptualize, create and distribute products for digital media, adding value in terms of crafting a product, creating business, distribution and marketing plans, and managing the product lifecycle across geographies.

The Content and IP Audit services of Lemon Advisors UK Ltd. (LAUK) primarily help large content catalogue owners to exploit and monetize the long tail value of their catalogue over digital media and to create a sustainable monetization plan. CIPA focuses on motion picture studios and broadcast agencies owning a sizeable amount of content.

How can Content & IP Audit (CIPA) help PACT members?

Given the volume and quality of content catalogues that PACT members own, and the monetization opportunities that these carry, CIPA could help to create multiple derivatives of the content and open up incremental revenue potential.

In addition, Pact members signing up by Saturday 22nd November 2014, will not be charged for Content Evaluation and Digital Monetization Roadmap formulation for the first 45 days of their contract, which includes:

  • Understanding the current content catalogue
  • Optimization plans
  • IP roadblocks, if any
  • Digital Revenue
  • Product Innovation

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Nitin Dahad, Executive Director, Lemon Advisors on 077871-28294 or email him at Alternatively, you may reach out to Subhash R Ghosh, Founder & MD of Lemon Advisors UK Ltd., by e-mail

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More about Subhash R Ghosh – Founder, Lemon Group:
Subhash R Ghosh is a telecom and digital media professional, who followed his passion to turn entrepreneur after a long stint at senior levels in the corporate world. He has close to 20 years’ work experience across strategy, product management, and sales & marketing functions in Content & Digital Media, Enterprise Telecom and Wireless Technology.

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